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Leighton - moraine lake alta wc 13

Landscapes of Western Canada

February 15th, 2019

Landscapes of Western Canada features a selection of paintings and works on paper by key historical artists including A.C. Leighton, H.G. Glyde, Roland Gissing and John I. Innes. Highlighting the sale is William Brymners’s major canvas ‘Canadian Rockies on Fraser River District 1886’. Also inspired by early voyages along the transcontinental railroad are F.M. Bell-Smith’s skillfully executed watercolours juxtaposing refined academic style with the ruggedness of the Selkirk and Rocky Mountain ranges. A resplendent vision of 'Mt. Rundle in Morning Light’ by London, Ontario born John I. Innes is also included among other notable works.

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Moraine Lake, Alta.

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 13.25x16.25 in.


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