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Untitled five businessmen 1978 bronze ed 4of6 14

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Untitled (Five Businessmen), 1978

Technique: bronze, ed. 4 of 6

Dimensions: 15.25x20x12 in.


About the Artist

Born in Hamilton, the promising young artist received a scholarship to study at the Ontario College of Art. In 1948, he graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the Lieutenant Governor's Medal. During his early years as a woodworker, McElcheran focused on liturgical art as he began carving church furniture and pews. He went on to become chief designer for Bruce Brown and Brisely architects where he helped co-ordinate the planning and designing of churches and university buildings. His countless stations of the cross, bas-reliefs, and stain glass windows can still be seen today in churches in Toronto, Hamilton, and Guelph. As he began to seek other clients his work became more secularized, which led to his creation of the businessman. He spent little time in Canada, moving to Italy in 1975 to live in Pietrasanta to be close to the foundry and artisans skilled in bronze casting. In the early 1980ís his work became the subject of controversy after he created a life-size bronze depicting an unclothed mother, father, and child for the city of Guelph. He slept very little, preferring to devote as much time as possible to his art.
Art Gallery of Hamilton; University of Toronto; York University; McMichael Canadian Art Collection; Robert McLaughlin Gallery; University of Windsor; London Regional Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Windsor; Art Gallery of St. Catherines; Northern and Central Gas Corporation; Norcen Energy Resources; Holy Blossom Temple; Imperial Oil of Canada; Brascan; Steel Company of Canada; Toronto Stock Exchange; Canadian lmperial Bank of Commerce; Royal Bank of Canada; Oklahoma Arts Center; Standard Broadcasting Corporation; Dofasco; Dupont of Canada; Glaxo Canada; Eastern Construction Company; Ondaatje Corporation; Bresler Management; Capital Place; Ministry of Urban Affairs; ACTRA Award Design; McMaster University; St. Augustine's Seminary; Schlemmer Bau GmbH; Stephen Avenue Mall; Foothills Hospital; Water Park Place; Toronto Transit Commission

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