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The Red Maple

Technique: pastel on paper

Dimensions: 12x13.5in.

About the Artist

Capitain Robert Coulson (ca.1805-1849)

A member of the Grenadier Guards, Coulson came to Quebec in 1839 and lived there until 1842. Little was known of the artists until 1980 when an extensive portfolio was uncovered that linked his with Joseph Legare who used one of these watercolours as a study for a larger painting. The folio entitled “Views of Canada and the United States in 1839, 1840 & 1842” is filled with 21 paintings, all watercolour, fabricated with the skilled hand of a draftsman. Not much is known of the artist other than his military training which brought him to Canada in 1939. As with most military men he would have had experience in topography. His skill can be seen in his accurate rendering of scenes as well as his ability to make these depictions interesting with the addition of details such as ships, churches and figures.

“Painting in Quebec 1820 – 1850” Musé du Quebec. 1992.

“Memoires of an Art Dealer Vol II” Blair Laing. 1982.

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