Armstrong wc 15x23 prov web
Girl in blue room 1966 oc 24x20 web

Maxwell Bates R.C.A.

Girl in Blue Room, 1966

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 24x20 in.

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Portrait de femme 1891 oil 12

Henri Beau

Portrait de Femme 1891

Technique: oil

Dimensions: 12.75x9.5 in.

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Brymner canadian rockies in fraser river district  1886 oc 36x57 web
Trees and sky 1934 op laid down 35x23 web

Emily Carr

Trees and Sky 1944

Technique: oil on paper laid down

Dimensions: 35x23 in.

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Totem near alert bay bc wc 14x9

Emily Carr

Totem Near Alert Bay, B.C.

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 14x9 in.

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Casson street in glen williams oc 37x45 web

A.J. Casson R.C.A.

Street in Glen Williams c.1938

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 37x45 in.

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Colville ship and observer acrylic polymer emulsion on board 10

Alex Colville

Ship and Observer

Technique: acrylic polymer emulsion on board

Dimensions: 10.5x27.5 in.

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Fitzgerald composition no 5 1953 oc 18x26 kaspar web

LL Fitzgerald

Composition No. 5 1953

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 18x26 in.

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Fraser morning restigouche wc 11x20 web

John Arthur Fraser R.C.A.

Morning Restigouche

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 11x20 in.

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Glyde camp alaska highway nw of whitehorse st elias range 1943 ob 10x14 web
Heward young girls 1945 oc 58x40

Prudence Heward

Young Girls 1945

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 58x40 in.

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Johnston starry night wc 37

Franz (Frank) Johnston R.C.A.

Starry Night

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 29x37.75 in.

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Lemieux marie-gemma oc 29x22 web

Jean Paul Lemieux R.C.A.


Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 29x22 in.

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Letendre envol orange 1961 oc 18x20

Rita Letendre R.C.A.

Envol Orange 1961

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 18x20 in.

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Molinari uninoir 1956 enamel on canvas 45x50 web

Guido Molinari R.C.A.

Uninoir 1956

Technique: enamel on canvas

Dimensions: 45x50 in.

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Les eboulements en haut 1924 oc 22

Albert H. Robinson R.C.A.

Les Eboulements en Haut, 1924

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 22x36 in.

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Back through the night 1954 ob 35

William Ronald R.C.A.

Back Through the Night 1954

Technique: oil on board

Dimensions: 35.75x25.25 in.

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Russell blackfoot war party 1902 wc 8x15

Charles Russell

Blackfoot War Party 1902

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 8x15 in.

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Thomson woodland algonquin park op 8

Tom Thomson

Woodland, Algonquin Park 1915

Technique: oil on panel

Dimensions: 8.5x10.5 in.

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Tousignant taches libres 1955 oc 10

Claude A. Tousignant R.C.A.

Taches Libres

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 10.5x14.5 in.

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