Historic Art | William Brymner R.C.A.

About the Artist

(1855 – 1925)

Born in Scotland in 1855, William Brymner came to Canada in 1857 and settled in the Eastern Townships. He studied architecture in Ottawa and later spent time in Paris from 1878 – 1885 where he studied painting. In 1886 he returned to Canada and became a member of both the RCA and the OSA. In the same year he also became the head of the Art Association of Montreal, replacing Robert Harris. He was also president of the Royal Canadian Academy from 1909 to 1917. Brymner painted for the CPR in 1892. An accomplished painter in his own right he also taught many of Canada’s great 20th Century artists. He was the director of the school of the Art Association of Montreal for 35 years; Emily Coonan, Clarence Gagnon, Prudence Heward, Edwin Holgate Robert Pilot are just a few of the hundreds of artists taught by William Brymner. Brymner moved to Italy in 1921 and later to England where he died in 1925.

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