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Ted godwin dogwood fall 1990 oil on panel 16x20 in web

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Dogwood Fall, 1990

Technique: oil on panel

Dimensions: 16x20 in.

Price: $6,000 Cdn.

About the Artist

Born in Calgary in 1933, he studied at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, Calgary, under Illingworth Kerr and others; at the University of Saskatchewan Workshops under Barnett Newman and John Ferren. He worked as a television artist in Lethbridge and as a neon sign designer in Lethbridge and Calgary and won second prize in an international neon sign designing competition in 1960. He held his first one man show in Calgary at the Allied Art Centre in 1958 and a second at the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, in 1960. It was not until his joint exhibit with the "Five Painters from Regina" that his work became known to a wider audience. This exhibition was organized by Richard Simmins who was then Chief of the Exhibition Extensions Service of the National Gallery of Canada, who noted of the artist, "Godwin is certainly the least sophisticated member of the group. Though he is now enjoying a certain amount of recognition and his work is being purchased by a number of collectors in the county, he still has the most to prove. His rich kaleidoscopic canvases vigorously brushed into existence, depend in many instances upon delightful colour relationships which appear to the casual observer as miraculous accidents."

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