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Narcissus in a green falcon vessel archival print 42x42 web
Azaleas and tulips in a european vessel archival print 42x42 web Tulips in a blue white and gold vessel archival print 42x42 web Anemone canadensis in a silver jug archival print 42x42 web Euphorbia in a japanese imari vessel print 42x42 web Tulips and bleeding hearts in a japanese vase print 42x42 web

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Narcissus in a Green Falcon Vessel

Technique: archival pigment print

Dimensions: 42x42 in.

Price: $15,200 Cdn.

About the Artist

T.M. Glass is a digital artist based in Toronto, whose practice explores the historical, technological, and aesthetic conditions of photography to stretch it beyond its traditional definition. The works have been showcased in multiple solo exhibitions and held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain, France, and Australia. Glass turned to photography as the primary mode of production after studying sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design and pursuing a distinguished career in writing and production for film and television. Glass uses rapidly advancing digital technology to celebrate the beauty of nature.
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