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Harbour at night ob 24
Etrog - key head iii

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Harbour at Night, c. 1953-54

Technique: oil on board

Dimensions: 24.5x25 in.

Price: $45,000 Cdn.

Harbour at Night was created in the early 1950s while Etrog was a student at the Tel Aviv Institute of Art. Between the years of 1952 and 58, Etrog worked almost exclusively with painted wood constructions, colourful geometric abstractions that balance between painting and sculpture. His early works were largely informed by the pre-eminent Modernist theories and styles of the time. Etrog found influence in artists like Picasso and Klee, as well as his surroundings of his new home in Isreal. In creating these constructions, Etrog sought to break free from he confines of traditional rectangular canvases, first working to re-shape them and then moving on to construct his own shapes with wood. The series was a powerful precursor to his celebrated bronze works, and established a foundational basis for his work in years to come.

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