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Fruit and violin oc 55x50 web

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Flute and Violin

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 55x50 in.

Price: $9,800 Cdn.

About the Artist

Pierre Lefebvre is a self-taught painter. What particularly characterizes his works is his constant evolution toward quality. He is a painter in progress and the progress can immediately be seen in his paintings. To see a painting by Lefebvre of ten years ago and to observe one in today’s exhibition is to realize that Lefebvre has reached, in only ten years, an artistic maturity that many painters of his generation have not. The choice of more-contrasted colours, more-balanced compositions, more-transparent luminosity, some “clairs-obscurs”, the depiction of closed spaces, are all characteristics of a more mature and magnificent painting: always a bit mysterious!

Pierre Lefebvre is growing in, and with his painting. It is a continuous progression in the search for beauty.

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