Contemporary Art | Pauline Paquin

Notre sport prefere oc 24x30 web
Le rende vous 1997 ac 40x34 web Nous voila enfin arrives ac 30x40 web Les beaux moutons 1991 ac 14x18 web Les chevaux sont prets 1992 ac 20x24 web Pres de larbre ac 24x36 web

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Notre Sport Préféré

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 24x30 in.

Price: $4,275 Cdn.

About the Artist

The rosy-cheeked children playing throughout Pauline Paquin's work have become well known to Canadian collectors. Using bold colours and rapid brushstrokes, Paquin creates delightful small panels that concentrate on the movements and activities of the children. Their faces are intentionally left indistinct, encouraging the viewer to remember his or her own childhood. Pauline Paquin is a self-taught artist who has developed a very personal style that has often been described as "fresh" and "honest". Her paintings radiate with the energy and enthusiasm of childhood.
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