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Purification ac 36x36 web

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Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 10x10 in.

Price: $400 Cdn.

About the Artist

Marlo Johnson is a published author and artist based on Pender Island. Her work is an expression of meditative and compassionate states of being, and is intended to provide opportunities of solace, stillness, and conscious remembrance, through a relaxation of the body, mind, and senses.
She creates for the purpose of evoking one's deepest truth and most essential self—for a reminder of what is most important. Marlo offers her art as a refuge and balm, and a way to propagate and normalize peace, compassion, joy, and feminine power.
For more on her creative process and philosophy, you can read Create Now!: a Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity, and Creative Alchemy (coming in 2018), both from Chronicle Books.
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