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Zenith study1 bronze 10x9
Study 2 bronze 9 Window of hope ed6 bronze 9 Amongst the aspens ed6 bronze 9 Belt buckle bronze 2 Kit bronze 3 The invitation vronze 6 Sentry bronze 14 817pm bronze 11

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Technique: bronze

Dimensions: 10x9.75 in.

Price: $1,875 Cdn.

About the Artist

This body of work represents a turning point in the development of my work on low relief bronzes. Drawn from my imagination and capture camera images, the subject matter is based on lived and direct observations while riding and hiking with my friend, and artist Maureen Enns.

The suite of eight low reliefs tells a progressive and collective story of the wild horses and wolves existing in a delicate and beautiful habitat in the Ghost River Wilderness Area, located along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta.

Lois Green was born in Three Hills, Alberta in 1951. The youngest of six girls, she moved to Calgary several months after where she continued to live with her own family. Having held a fascination for the arts for as long as she could remember, she began her studies in Jewelry Design while her children were at school. After several years at The Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) she began creating one-of-a-kind rings, brooches and pendants in gold and silver incorporating precious and semi-precious stones. She found sculpture to be a natural progression from jewelry design as many of the skills she had acquired could be applied in exciting ways. In recent years she has traveled extensively and it is to the cultures of South America and Europe that she says she owes for much of the inspiration they have given her. Line, shape, and rhythm are elements she continues to explore through her bronze work.

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