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Hop on hop off web
Moca moppet Blue lamp and four lights photo ed 10 38x36 web Marimekko apartments 2014 ed 10 36x48 Chrome teapots 2016 photo 23x24

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Hop On, Hop Off

Technique: photograph, ed. 6 of 10

Dimensions: 48x48 in.

Price: $2,775 Cdn.

About the Artist

Through photography and painting, my work investigates the urban environment, and the complex interactions therein. This setting is the place where the sociological, economic, and interactive images of our contemporary culture are on continual and ever- changing display.

Urban interaction is compounded by the architectural structure of the city in which reflective and refractive surfaces such as glass can work as both mirrors and windows into our own individual and collective consciousness. Unexpected juxtapositions occur which are intermingled by changes happening throughout the day as well as seasonal changes indoors and out.

My viewpoint is not that of the dispassionate recorder; it is that of an artist who has the need to be involved in the energy of the very structure that I am observing. In this context the use of the camera is unique. It is the device of personal intervention that contributes both commentary and involvement, which results in an interactive art form whereby the objective and the subjective are encouraged to interact.

Laura Pope is a Calgary artist who has worked in this city as a painter, photographer, educator and graphic designer for over thirty years.

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