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Simplicity i wc 20x16 web
Simplicity ii wc 20x16 Simplicity iii wc 20x16 web Simplicity iv wc 20x16 web Simplicity v wc 20x16 web Simplicity vi wc 20x16 web Simplicity vii wc 20x16  web Simplicity viii wc 20x16 web Simplicity ix wc 20x16 web Simplicity xi wc 20x16 web Simplicity xii wc 20x16 web Simplicity xiii wc 16x20  web Simplicity xiv wc 16x20 web Simplicity xv wc 16x20 web Simplicity xvi wc 16x20 web Simplicity xvii 16x20  web Simplicity xviii wc 16x20  web Simplicity x wc 20x16 web

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Simplicity I

Technique: watercolour

Dimensions: 20x16 in.

Price: $750 Cdn.

About the Artist

Kristine Andrea is a versatile contemporary fine artist who creates pieces with acrylics, oils, and watercolour. She creates her paintings with a combination of realist and impressionist painterly styles. Before Kristine paints she slips into a meditative state. During this process, her mind dives into a fantasy world, creating and drawing ideas. Although a meditation practice is intended to quiet the mind, Kristine allows her attention to wander as this is where some of her greatest ideas evolve. Often it feels as if she is receiving silent whispers from spiritual guides who want to explore the canvas with her and guide her through an emotional expression. Kristine understands Mother Earth to be incredibly powerful and inspiring. When she is reaching for inspiration, Kristine will take a walk or dig her hands in the garden. She loves watching Mother Earth’s beauty evolve through the seasons and witnessing the collaboration with her friends. Kristine believes that when you are aware and present with Mother Earth, she is always offering grace and messages. Kristine is greatly influenced by the glory of Mother Nature and showcases it in her artwork. Kristine is a self-taught artist who lives in Calgary, AB. She has exhibited her works in New York City, Scottsdale, Laguna Beach and here in Alberta. Her work is most appreciated in person for an emotional connection and appreciation of the beauty of the human form and the character of it that is created in her works. 
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