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Dispersion 5 oc 48x72 web
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Dispersion #5

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48x72 in.

Price: $11,775 Cdn.

About the Artist

As a young boy, growing up in the Ottawa valley, I drew and painted the forest, my siblings, and the animals on our small hobby farm. My father an artists as well, took me on sketching and painting trips with him and his artist friends. During my youth I completed a B.A honours, a B.F.A. and then a Masters degree. I was born in Ottawa in 1964 and lived just outside of Perth as a boy. Currently I reside in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, having residence and a studio in Wakefield Quebec.
My art practice has been consistent, ongoing, and persistent as I have pursued various genres, and experimented with various painting applications and constructions since 1996. I have tried just about everything that can be done in painting, from translucent thin washes on canvas to the integration of 3d objects on board. My process involves both experimentation and inner search. I have been interested in both painting as an art and as a means of investigating the self and its relationship to the outer world. I am essentially concerned with these two questions.
1/ What am I and how am I connected to nature, the earth and the universe itself?
2/ What can I do with paint and particularly how far can I push the genre while communicating ideas? Ultimately, I am interested in the spiritual aspect of human existence.
My work has been influenced by the group of seven, and the painting application and approach has been compared to the Automatizes Jean-Paul Riopelle and Paul-Émile Borduas. However my most profound influence is attributable to the influence of my teachers, Catherine Everett and Roland Poulin both intuitive process oriented artists.
Over the past 18 years I have created a diverse and massive amount of work, having dedicated my life to my practice, therefore making life style, work, and study choices that align with my practice. As a consequence I have an extensive exhibition record and have sought out areas of study that coincide with the process and content found in my work including the completion of a master's degree and thesis. I studied Carl Jung and archetypal images and theory, and eventually wrote a Masters thesis on the work of Roland Poulin from a Jungian perspective.

My research and artistic practice is essentially about human consciousness and interconnected being (nature). I have believed and still believe that at this particular time such study and resulting practice is needed in light of our current global environmental crisis.
My work is created in a serious practice influenced by environmental concerns, existential questions, and representations of the world, self, and the divine.
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