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Glyde old barn near wallace rd ocb 10x12 in

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Old Barn Near Wallace Rd., Saanich, B.C.

Technique: oil on canvas board

Dimensions: 10x12 in.

Price: $3,600 Cdn.

About the Artist

Throughout his long career as an artist and teacher in Calgary, Banff, and Edmonton, English born and educated Henry G. Glyde was a key player in the development of art in Alberta over a 30-year period starting in 1935. In his practice and teaching, Glyde promoted the development of a distinctive view of Western Canada based on direct observation and interaction with the landscape and its people.

Following a major retrospective exhibition at the Glenbow Museum in 1987, the estate of H.G. Glyde donated a collection of 573 works to Glenbow in 1998, representing the enormous legacy of the artist's work in this region. The collection illustrates different periods during his career where he experimented with a variety of media and styles, and demonstrates his strong technical drawing abilities. It also includes several works by his students, emphasising his impact as a teacher in the early professional arts community. With the addition of this donation, Glenbow Museum has 820 works by Glyde making it the most important centre in Canada for the research of Glyde's life and work. - Glenbow Museum

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