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Ferocious diorama- 2014 - oil on canvas - 21in x 30in web
Economical use of three bears - 2014 - oil on canvas - 33in x 40in web Camouflaged - 2014 - oil on canvas - 35in x 39in web Prince  2015 oil on canvas  22 in x 28 in web

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Ferocious Diorama

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 21x30 in.

Price: $2,075 Cdn.

Artist Statement
My grandmother had one of these black ceramic panthers and I remember people--myself included--ooing and ahhing at its majestic beauty. It was the closest thing we could come to such a sublime expression of nature’s ferocious grace. Having painted from animals, photos of animals, other people’s photos of animals and finally other people’s photos of other people’s handmade sculptural renditions of animals, I thought it fitting that I would paint the panther I remembered so well. Of course, I used someone else’s photo of someone else’s copy of the handmade sculptural rendition of the panther. The copies of mold-formed candy mint leaves gave the panthers a bit of cover for their prowling. I think this made for a rather unique painting.

About the Artist

Having grown up in Calgary, Gary McMillan attended the University of Calgary in 1978 to 1980, studying science and fine-art. He exhibited paintings of Alberta landscape throughout the 1980’s, and then attended Alberta College of Art and Design from 1989 to 1991. Holding a double major in painting and printmaking, he received a Diploma with Distinction in 1991. Employing the use of the human figure and landscape, he currently produces themed series of paintings infused with the absurd. He has exhibited in a number of group and solo shows in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. His work is held in various private and corporate collections in Western Canada.

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