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Untie us mixed media 36x48 paradise harbour antarctica web

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Untie Us, Paradise Harbour, Antarctica

Technique: mixed media on canvas

Dimensions: 36x48 in.

Price: $3,175 Cdn.

About the Artist

A former university professor, artist Diane Howard-Langlois now devotes herself to painting the remote regions of the world: the Arctic and Antarctic, the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, and the remote regions of the Namibia and Sonoran deserts. By focusing on the landscapes and animals of these largely uninhabited areas, Howard-Langlois conveys the experience of visiting these parts of the world. Her paintings are not just compelling nature scenes, however — as Langlois explains, they capture the social, cultural, scientific and economic stresses placed on these fragile environments and ecosystems. In this way, her work combines art with social and cultural science. The artist’s goal in painting the polar regions is not so much to stir up controversy as to make people aware of contemporary issues affecting the far-flung environments of the planet.

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