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Freeway 1995 ac 43x56 web
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Freeway, 1995

Technique: acrylic and window screen on canvas

Dimensions: 43x56 in.

Price: $12,975 Cdn.

About the Artist

The first thing that catches your eye in a gallery exhibiting the work of David Thauberger is the sheer colour of it. The second thing is its clearness and precision. A closer look is like zooming in to see places usually shown from farther away within the context of the prairie horizon. Thauberger gives us a new perspective of architectural subjects in small prairie towns through his own unique filter of memory and experience. The result is a powerful statement of place, culture and history that dominates not only in its execution, but also in its strength.

David Thauberger was born in Holdfast, Saskatchewan in 1948. He was educated at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina, where he graduated with a Fine Arts degree in 1971, and received Masters degrees from California State University in Sacramento and the University of Montana in Missoula. All three degrees were in ceramics. Although he continued to work in clay, Thauberger began to teach himself to paint.

He was strongly influenced by California Funk Art and Chicago Imagism, which he was introduced to through Regina sculpture David Gilhoolly. But it was eventually the work of Saskatchewan folk artists that helped him find his voice as an artist. He organized Grassroots Saskatchewan, the first major exhibition of Saskatchewan folk art, in 1976 and worked for the Saskatchewan Arts Board as a consultant for many years. He has lived in Regina since 1973.

During his career as an artist, Thauberger has received many awards, honours and major commissions. These have included the design of several stamps for Canada Post, limited edition prints for the Province of Saskatchewan 75th Anniversary, covers for books and magazines, and a limited edition print for the Canada Council Art Bank. Included in Thauberger's list of honours is the 1981 award for the most creative bathtub in Regina's annual "Pile O' Bones Day Bathtub Race".

Selected Exhibitions

Glenbow Museum

Saskatchewan Touring Exhibitions

Swift Current National Exhibition Centre

Canada House Cultural Centre, London, England

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

49th Parallel Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, New York, NY

Memorial University, Wt. John's Nfld.

Selected Collections

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; California State University, Sacramento, Calif.; Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa; Clarkson Gordon; Coca Cola; Confederation Art Centre, Charlottetown, PEI; Esso Resources Canada Limited; Glenbow Museum, Calgary; Hallmark Cards; Hamilton Art Gallery, Ont.; London Regional Art Gallery, Ont., MacDonald-Stewart Art Centre, Guelph; McMaster University, Hamilton; McLeod, Young, Wier; National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; Memorial University Gallery, St. John's, Nfld.; Petro Canada; Playboy Enterprises Ltd.; Reader's Digest; Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa; Sun Life, Vancouver; Vancouver Art Gallery; Via Rail Canada; Xerox Canada

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