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North ab 11x14 web
From the campsite ac 12x16 web Hillside ab 8x10 web Array 33x40 ab 33x40 web Along the lake ac 11x14 web

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Technique: cast acrylic and acrylic gel on board

Dimensions: 11x14 in.

Price: $1,875 Cdn.


About the Artist

Untitled Document

David received his education from the University of Calgary, completing a BFA in 1985. After University he began experimenting with acrylic paint, discovering it’s unique flexibility and properties. This was a beginning point to his involvement with abstract art and his desire to learn everything about that genre of painting. Acrylic materials would allow him to apply paint in a wide variety of methods and techniques, bringing about a decade of modern painting in the nineties. A desire to become a better landscape painter would lead him into a new journey of painting outside or “en plein air. His next focus was on capturing the beauty and splendour set forth by mother nature in front of him. Always one who loves hiking, canoeing and camping, combining this with painting is a natural fit. A desire to bring forth something new has been a constant in David’s Art since University.

Currently I am shaping, cutting and adhering (with gel) cast acrylic pieces to my landscape surfaces. I look forward to the possibilities of pushing this medium further into my current representational works. By processing the subject matter differently, the end result produces my own pictorial vocabulary that describes nature differently and opens new insights. The enjoyment from many years of traditional landscape painting and utilizing the new materials available today has inspired this new direction in my work. This new direction in my work is more like “processing nature”.

As artists, it is our instinct to reflect on nature, and to interpret, capture, and create all that influences us.


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