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Blackwood - fire down on the labrador 1980 9 of 10 31
Outward bound for the labrador 1985 etching ed99 of 100 16

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Fire Down on the Labrador, 1980

Technique: etching, AP ed. 9 of 10

Dimensions: 32x20 in.



William Gough, The Art of David Blackwood, reproduced on front cover and full page in colour, plate 9

Showcasing David Blackwood’s incredible etching talents, Fire Down on the Labrador provides a dramatic visual narrative of East Coast life. This piece illustrates Blackwood’s drive to tell stories of struggle and survival, a testament to the very real dangers that fishermen faced while out at sea. Blackwood states that fire “was the only thing Newfoundlanders were afraid of ”. Fire Down on the Labrador acts as an incredible archive of the formidable work of Newfoundland fishermen. It is widely considered David Blackwood’s masterpiece, and is an important documentation of Atlantic Canadian history.

About the Artist

Blackwood, David Lloyd, printmaker, painter (b at Wesleyville, Nfld 7 Nov 1941). Although Blackwood lives in Port Hope, Ontario, his attachment in his subject matter is to his Newfoundland past, and particularly to Wesleyville, on Bonavista Bay. Around this setting, he has created an almost epic story celebrating the community's 63 skippers and 12 captains. Blackwood sees himself as part of Newfoundland tradition, as a balladeer who tells a story in visual images. Blackwood studied printmaking, and today he is considered one of Canada's important etchers. Since graduating in 1963 from Toronto's Ontario College of Art, he has taught drawing and painting at Trinity College School in Port Hope. From 1969 to 1975 he was artist in residence at the University of Toronto's Erindale College in Mississauga, where there is today a gallery named after him. He has served on the Board of Trustees of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Inuit Art Foundaion, Ottawa. In 1988, William Gough published a book about his work, The Art of David Blackwood. In 1992, he received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Memorial University and an Honorary Doctor of Laws from University of Calgary. In 1993, he was awarded the Government of Canada National Heritage Award. Author JOAN MURRAY
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