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Rendez-vous sur la terrace ac 30x24 web
Amanda ac 24x6 web white

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Rendez-Vous sur la Terrace

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 30x24 in.

Price: $2,100 Cdn.

About the Artist

There is little question that Claudette Castonguay’s work captivates us with amazing colour and vibrancy. Born in to a family of six children, Castonguay flourished as a young artist, first taking a liking to drawing and then later to painting. Although she feels that this did not distinguish her from the other children, she was unique in that she took a strong liking to this leisure activity. Today the enjoyment she takes in producing her art is apparent and has in fact become her vocation.

Claudette has been pursuing her own research in painting for just over 20 years. In 1984 she gave up teaching to devote her time exclusively to her artistic activities. Castonguay works usually six hours a day in her studio and with this she is very disciplined. Working with the sounds of Mozart and Bach in the background, she focuses on creating a harmony within her painting.

She has enjoyed much success, both in exhibitions and other honours. In 1987 and 1989, two of her paintings appeared on the front cover of the Readers Digest. Castonguay’s paintings can be found in galleries across the country. In 2008, her painting was chosen to be on the cover of the auction catalogue for Honen’s Fundraiser and she has also enjoyed much recognition with donated works for the annual Chefs Gala for UNICEF.

Selected Exhibitions since 1984

1984 - Trois Riveres, Quebec, Cultural Centre Montreal P.Q. Cultural Centre de Verdun
1985 - Montreal, Maison Marie-Uguay
Quebec, Maison Louise Carrier-Levis
1986 - Toronto, Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place
1987 - Gatineau, PQ, Exhibition Centre Quebec, Les Ateliers Imagine
1988 - Toronto, Young Fox Gallery
1991 - Montreal, Galerie Art et Style
1992 - Quebec, Galerie Diane Lefrancois
1994 - Quebec, Galerie Diane Lefrancois
1995 - Edmonton, West End Gallery, Group Exhibition
1996 - Victoria, West End Gallery
1997 - Edmonton, West End Gallery
1998 - Quebec, Galerie Diane Lefrancois
2000 - Calgary, Masters Gallery Ltd.
2001 - Edmonton, West End Gallery
2002 - Victoria, West End Gallery, Group Exhibition
2004 - Toronto, Hollander York Gallery
2005 - Calgary, Masters Gallery Ltd.
2007 - Calgary, Masters Gallery Ltd., Group Exhibition
2009 - Calgary, Masters Gallery Ltd., Group Show of 3 Quebec artists

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