Contemporary Art | Claude Tremblay

About the Artist

Born in Chicoutimi, in the Saguenay, Claude Tremblay spent her childhood in Quebec City, and for the past 20 years has made her home in Portneuf or, more precisely, Lac au Sable. She always loved drawing as a child, and later this turned into an enterprising commercial venture when she rented a wall in a Quebec City shopping mall, and produced drawings for children’s rooms. Painting, however, is relatively new for her – she began only a year ago, at Portneuf, and claims she is still seeking her own style. This painting “career” began when she was invited by Gaby Lamothe to participate at the Painting Symposium in La Mauricie, where artists were required to paint for several hours in front of public. She was further spurred by a meeting with Louis Desaulniers, a “master of colors” she says, who teaches at Grand-Mère. At no loss for creative ideas, Ms Tremblay starts her paintings directly on the canvas, without sketching first, or working from photos. Her art is figurative with some astract elements. Among the painters she admires are Gauguin, Lautrec and Cézanne. Apart from her several still lifes, her works show a fascination with trees and light. But her trees aren’t always green. She experiments with colours – blues, purples, reds, transformed by the interplay of light among tree trunks. Will her fascination with trees continue? Says Claude Tremblay. “You get up one day and say, that’s it for trees, and move on”. Claude Tremblay does not need to travel to replenish her artistry. Not only does the quietude of Portneuf’s real nature seem to obviate that need, but there is also the stimulation of a growing community of artists in the area with their group shows and symposiums. Recently Ms. Tremblay participated in a week-long exhibition at the Shawinigan Arts Center. She’s prolific, producing some 20 paintings a month, with outstanding success in galleries. She attributes this success in galleries. She attributes this success to Denis Beauchamp, of Multi Art, who manages the carreers of Tex Lecor, Bertounesque, Lacaille etc. Sensitive to talented artists, Mr Beauchamp was quick to open the way for the paintings of Claude Tremblay in various galleries. She’s a lovely discovery that bears watching. Jean-Guy Thibault MASTERS GALLERY EXHIBITIONS Carried Away by Coloured Poems
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