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Shaded pond 2016 oc 60x84 web Hidden slough oc 48x48 web Deadwood fish creek 2016 oc 60x84 web Cliff and valley 2016 oc 60x84 web Mountain gate 2016 oc 60x84 web Mountain valley 2016 oc 60x84 web Detail of a floor 2017 ob 36x36 web Access road of glenmore trail ob 40x40 web Parkade entrance night ob 48x48 web Black dragon ac 30x30 web Bow river winter ob 48x48 web Glenmore trail and macleod ob 48x48 web Portrait with viel and pink key chain ob 30x24 web Portrait with hat and cliffs 24x36 ob web Palliser parkade winter oc 48x48 web Trees at dusk 2015 ob 48x60 web Portrait with ear muffs ob 30x24 web Portrait with candles and belt ob 27x16 web Portrait with purse scraps and av cables ob 23x16 web

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Technique: book


Price: $49.95 Cdn.

Available for purchase in the gallery or online at Amazon and Chapters.

Calgary artist Chris Flodberg is a virtuoso oil painter, a painter's painter. He became known for his landscapes but has since tackled a startling range of themes: World War II warships, intimate interior, post-apocalytic banquets, abstracts, guard dogs, and, most recently, ninety-six self-portraits in ninety-six different styles. These are monumental paintings that grab the viewer by the throat and demand attention.

"Imagine what it would be like to be able to throw a bunch of things into the air and, when they land, be able to see incredible design and order within that," commented Whyte Museum curator, Anne Ewen. Chris Flodberg: Paintings showcases this remarkable talent. Bringing together 160 of Flodberg's paintings from his first two decades, it is accompanied by five essays by Monique Westra and short musings by the artist himself. It offers a diverse and intimate celebration of the artist.

About the Artist

Chris Flodberg was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. After completing his BFA at the Alberta College of Art and Design, he went on to pursue an MFA in painting at the University of Alberta. Chris taught painting and drawing at the U of A both during and after his degree and was later hired-on at ACAD where he was a drawing and painting instructor. Chris now lives, paints, and exhibits full-time in Calgary.
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