Contemporary Art | Cecilia Gossen

Clearing aluminum and wood 25
Boys bronze ed A flutter of butterflies 2018 aluminum and wood 22x18x3 School of fish 2018 aluminum and wood 22x18x3 Standing ovation 2018 aluminum on wood 22x18x3 A glimmer of dragonflies 2018 aluminum and wood 19x18x3

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Technique: aluminum and wood

Dimensions: 25.5x18x3.75 in.

Price: $2,500 Cdn.

About the Artist

Like Matisse, I want my art to be like a good armchair in which to rest at the end of the day. I view art as a medium of expression, a communication between maker and viewer. My goal is to create works that invite contemplation through the deliberate organization of lines, shapes, values, textures and colours. My sculptures include the formal austerities of Constructivism, they are also very tactile and their subject matter is extremely personal. My sculptures are often enigmatic and filled with visual puns. In my art, I have chosen to cast myself in the role of detached, amused, lenient, affectionate and ironic spectator of life.

Cecilia Gossen was born in Colombia and came to Canada in 1969. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Masters in Fine Arts, and Ph.D of Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Calgary. Her work is represented in collections worldwide and has been exhibited in Canada, England, Colombia, Spain and Chile.
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