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Let It Rain III

Technique: mixed media on paper

Dimensions: 9.5x7 in.

Price: $375 Cdn.

About the Artist

My gestural style - characteristic of German Expressionism - emphasizes the subjective expression of inner experiences. The truest picture of a moment - the figure of a place - occurs in a balanced abstraction of everyday perspectives. To convey this I combine line, form and colour to represent and yet slightly distort my subject matter. This creates a field of view that is both familiar and enigmatic.

Amy Dryer attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, the Glasgow School of Art (Scotland) and the Fine Art program at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2008, she was on the cover of Avenue Magazine as ‘Calgary’s Best’ and more recently she has been featured as a ‘Profiled Artist’ in both Essential Magazine and Galleries West Magazine. She completed an artist residency at Emma Lake Saskatchewan in 2009 and at The Banff Centre, Alberta in 2013. Amy’s paintings are in a number of collections throughout Canada, and the US, including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts public art collection. Amy is based in Calgary, AB.

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